A spell to get the love of a particular person:

This is a white magick spell that sends a light emission vitality to a particular individual. They will feel this vitality intuitively, and it will make them more responsive to your adoration. This is a white magick spell, so it doesn't constrain the individual to love you, yet it purifies the bond between both of you, reinforcing it with affection vitality, so it is more probable for this particular individual to love you back if their through and through freedom licenses it.

For this spell to acquire the adoration for a particular individual, you will require:

  • A cauldron or other safe place to contain a fire (an ashtray will do when there's no other option)
  • A bit of paper 3 x 3 crawls in measure 
  • A red pen 
  • Four red candles 
  • Rose quartz, or rose quartz orgonite

Step by step instructions to cast the spell:

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