Continue Reading! A spell to get the love of a particular person:

Hold up until evening time, cast your circle, and put one red flame in every one of the four cardinal headings plotting your circle. Light a fire in the cauldron. On the bit of paper, attract a heart red ink, and inside it compose the name of the particular individual whose adoration you wish to get. Take the rose quartz in your grasp, and look at the paper before you while envisioning a light emission vitality spilling out of the precious stone, to your heart, and onto the paper. Pour all your adoration for the individual into this vitality, and envision them being showered in this delicate, delicate light emission. Next, kiss the name on the bit of paper three times. Put the paper in the fire and let it be devoured by the flares, and rehash the accompanying three times: 

  • My heart burning and sparkling
  • This affection I do send to thee
  • If you discover a place in your heart to love me
  • By the best great, so bit it be

Close your circle, the spell is thrown!

Keep the rose quartz or orgonite piece near to you (ideally wearing it or keeping it in your pocket) for no less than 30 days.


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