Continue reading ! Wiccan Spell for Unconditional Love:

It is best to do this affection spell in a place where you have the perspective of the full moon. To begin with, cast your circle. Next, light the candles. At that point take a gander at the moon and imagine sentiments of genuine love amongst you and your sweetheart. Fill yourself with these sentiments of affection until the point that you can feel them everywhere on your body. Rehash the accompanying spell for unqualified love:

The kind destinies have favored my home
The kind destinies have favored my heart
The kind destiny has favored my cherished one
I offer thanks with an unassuming heart
I thank the Goddess for my life
I thank the Goddess for my adoration
I thank the goddess for gifts as of now on their way.

The spell is thrown, so bit it be.

Sit in reflection for a bit, feeling the rushes of unrestricted love wash over you. At that point, victory the candles and close your circle.


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