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Take a seat in a place where you will be undisturbed, and take the egg in your grasp. Enable yourself to consider the relationship that you have finished, and feel all your negative sentiments – despondency, forlornness and dissatisfaction – rise to the top. Enable yourself to feel these sentiments without battling against them. Cry in the event that you have to. Try not to be embarrassed or anxious of letting out every one of your emotions. While doing this, take the egg and move it delicately finished your face. Envision the egg splashing up all your misery and negative sentiments. Undertaking your despondency into the egg as though it were a wipe, splashing up every single negative feeling. When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your awful feelings, cover it outside (ideally as far away as conceivable from your own particular house). Presently all the sadness you anticipated into the egg is being assimilated and killed by the earth. When you come back to your home, make yourself some lemon salve tea and put the flower petals inside. Sweeten it with the nectar. Place the pink flame before you, and sprinkle whatever remains of the flower petals around it. Presently light the flame, and as you do, imagine the aroma of the flower petals and the glow of the candle consolidating to fill your stay with a delightful, warm delicate pink light and the sweet fragrance of the flower petals. Let this fill you with a cherishing, warm sentiment comfort.

Bless your heart chakra with a portion of the rose oil. Presently, while tasting the lemon demulcent tea, rehash the accompanying words: 

"Delicate salve, mitigate my heart Bring to me your mending workmanship"

 See yourself loaded with and encompassed by delicate love and serenity. Feel yourself realizing that you merit love, and feel the daintiness of being free from your past relationship. As you look into the light fire, see yourself carrying on with a glad and satisfying life, upbeat and recuperated, free from your previous darling. 

It is finished. So bit it be.


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